We take it for granted so often but expecting a baby and holding a newborn are such miracles.
I love photographing newborns and expectant moms so if you know anybody who is expecting or has recently had a baby please send them my way! The best time to photograph your pregnancy is around 7 months. The best time to photograph a newborn baby is in the first two weeks and the sooner the better!
Even though we are booking several weeks in advance we will fit our expectant moms and newborns into our schedule due to the fact that these shoots are very time sensitive. Give us a call!

Shari and Jeromy thanks for letting me capture this special time in your lives! I cannot wait to meet your little one.






Spring is here!

After so much rain I was thrilled to head to the park with Lauren! We had so much fun, discovered new nooks like the fence below and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. I had such a blast chasing her and I just love that color picture with SO much personality! If you are wanting an outdoor session call me NOW!. I am getting pretty booked for May and I will not shoot outdoors during the peak of the summer because it gets too hot for it to work well. Texas heat + outdoor session = not a good photographic mix 😉



Just like family

Meet these three gorgeous siblings. Lluc, Anya and Catilyn. They are so special to me because although they are not officially family, they are like family to us. I have been meaning to have them in for a shoot since FOREVER ago because her mom is one of my two best friends and I am so glad it finally happened. I meet their mom many years ago all the way back in Spain. We meet at a youth retreat for a weekend when we were teenagers and we ended up meeting again here in the States attending the same church and married to American guys. Isn’t that amazing how God provides us with friendships and brings us all the way around the world only to be reunited again? Anyway Elena, I hope you love these images. You are all precious to me!







Babies and more babies

I love photographing babies and I have had quite a few lately and more that are on the way and almost ready for their debut. I am so lucky because I think I get for sure the CUTEST babies in DFW!

This week on Monday it was Emily’s turn. She really tried hard not to sleep for us but at the end she gave it up and we got stunning images!



And one with her beautiful mama:


Also later this week miss Emma, who is 6 months old, came to play. She is simply GORGEOUS and so so good! I cannot wait to see her and get more fabulous images of her as she grows up!


Isnt she just adorable?



Can it be??

I *LOVE* black and white and it is what I specialize in… BUT can it be? I think I am falling in love with these in COLOR??!!!! This is my miss Keri – *SIGH* She is SO beautiful!!! It was so great seeing you again Keri – can’t wait til our playdate! 🙂



*And one in black and white because I cannot help myself 🙂 Tell me what you think and let me know if you like the black and white one or the color ones better. At the bottom of the post you can click on comments to give me your feedback 😉


Fresh Newborn

Meet Emily! Isn’t she gorgeous? Congratulations to Tim and Wendy on the birth of their first child.
Just days old and she is just a sweetie. I can wait to get more time with her. You will be seeing more of her so stay tuned! She is just so precious and sweet… gotta love those fresh newborn faces and counting all the fingers and toes. *SIGH* how did my Jack get to be 3 years old? This seems like it was happening in our house just yesterday.


Too cute!

I had to pop in and share this precious baby girl! She is so much fun and just too cute.

I am looking forward to our session in the park Lauren!

Also a BIG CONGRATS to my friend Wendy (her maternity pictures are here) on the birth of her first baby! A sweet baby girl named Emily! I am looking forward to photographing her all curled up and cozy very soon!

That is what I get for talking

I should have known better than to say that I was keeping the worst of the flu away from me. Of course shortly after posting I started feeling sick and now I am joining my hubby and my son.
I am going to be making a couple of calls today and after that I will be taking a couple of days off.
Thanks again to my wonderful clients that rescheduled their sessions yesterday to clear the weekend for me.
I will be back in the office on Tuesday although I will be checking messages on Monday.

Thanks so much and stay healthy!

The FLU is here


ACK!!!!! THE FLU landed in my house (along with an ear infection for my son – double whamy!) and I feel like I am one of those people in the picture. Thankfully Purell and Lots of
Emergen-C seem to have kept the worst of it away from me but my son and my husband are a mess. High fevers, coughs, chills – the works. YUCK!

I have had to postpone a couple of shoots and if you are waiting on email or even your images from me I promise I will get to you ASAP. I am hoping to be caught up by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience, understanding and your sweet emails of encouragent! I have the best clients and you really mean the world to me! Thank you!