Can you get ANY cuter really?

I shot this precious little baby when she was just a newborn and boy how have we grown!  I just love getting to meet families and seeing their little babies grow!  It is so special and one of the totally rewarding parts of my job.   Last week – Ellie and her mom came to see us again -Look at these images and tell me –  Can you get any cuter really?  I can't wait to show mom the rest (working on them as we speak!) but here is a little sneak preview as promised.  Smooches for Ellie – she was such a great little model!  

Don't you just  love her little teeth peeking out –  and that cute cute expression in her mouth! 



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  1. Thank you, Ruth! My Ellie is too cute, but your magic captures her wonderful spirit “on film.” So lucky to have found you…

  2. Since I live out of town, I don’t get to see my niece Ellie as much as I would like. Your pictures remind me of how precious she is. Thanks!!

  3. awww … thank you so much – she is such a cutie pie and I am so honored to photograph her 😉

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