Oh how time flies!

Time really flies. Your children are born and boom all of a sudden they are little men and women! How does that happen? Gentry and her little sister Hollis came over to the studio for a session this week. I used to take care of Gentry at the nursery at church, when she was just a little baby. It seems like yesterday, but she is six years old already – time does fly! This is why I love doing what I do so much. You cannot keep your chilren little forever, but photography at least lets us hold onto these stages that so quickly pass. Being able to hold on to memories of my son growing up is why I started this business – I am so thrilled to be able to do it also for the families that I am blessed to work with! Life is beautiful – Capture it!



First outdoor session of 2007!

The weather is beautiful in North Texas right now and yesterday I had a blast at my first outdoor session for 2007! I enjoyed every minute of it. The task of photographing three brothers under the age of 5 can be a bit daunting but these guys were so great and so much fun and we got some great images – I love them! By the way if you book a session with me in Prather Park, afterwards you might want to stop at
Eatzis and grab something to go. Their food is fabulous and their bread is perfect, just like Spanish bread!