100% sweet!

Happy belated birthday to Ellie!  Ok I have to confess…  I just love this baby little girl..  Why you ask? Well she is a photographer's dream.  First of all check out those eyes!  Amazing.  Second of all.. yes she is all smiles.  ALL.THE.TIME.  Even with the wind blowing, even when I go crazy and make her change outfits three times and play with all my new props with her.  Third…  she could make things hard but instead she just lets me shoot and she stays there as long as I pull a few fake sneezes, silly songs and play pekaboo real good behind the camera. I just love her!  She is just 100% sweet.  I have been shooting her since she was just a tiny newborn and I can't wait to see her grow up…  my camera will be honored and happy at the beautiful sight and delightful company… always! 


Can't decide which I love more… b&w or color?  






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  1. She is PRECIOUS! I love them all (I think bw or colour both work, but I have a slight leaning to colour – I just love how the blue and pink combo works on her).

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