Just like family

Meet these three gorgeous siblings. Lluc, Anya and Catilyn. They are so special to me because although they are not officially family, they are like family to us. I have been meaning to have them in for a shoot since FOREVER ago because her mom is one of my two best friends and I am so glad it finally happened. I meet their mom many years ago all the way back in Spain. We meet at a youth retreat for a weekend when we were teenagers and we ended up meeting again here in the States attending the same church and married to American guys. Isn’t that amazing how God provides us with friendships and brings us all the way around the world only to be reunited again? Anyway Elena, I hope you love these images. You are all precious to me!







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  1. Now that is so cool that you guys reconnected…it’s suppose to be. What a bunch of cuties they are too…just love these. =)

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